Ciara Johnson 08 06 20

Ciara Johnson 08 06 20

Ciara Johnson 08 06 20
Before I forget, after you nut, she will suck the soul out of your for like 5 minutes… most intense thing ever. Couple that with TOOHARD and the sensitivity is out the ROOF ! Back to Ciara… so not really my type when she first walked in. I could tell her body was rocking but just wasn’t really my type if I’m being honest. Since she’d already flew out this far to “take care” of me, I figured I’d just go through it all anyway. I’m glad I did. Her facial expressions had me SOOOOO turned on its not even funny. I honestly can see her eyes rolling back over and over again as I penetrated her pussy. Maybe not the hottest in my own opinion, but after fucking her, I moved her up to a 7/10. Her sex game is LEGIT as they come.

Format: mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:29:18



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